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FieldhouseUSA is a League and Event based facility that caters to the Frisco and area residents in league play. FieldhouseUSA is geared for both the recreational and competitive athletes and offers a variety of sporting activities where everyone has a place to play and create an EXPERIENCE and memories for a lifetime!

We developed this app to give coaches, players, parents and sport enthusiasts current information about sporting events, schedules, and news as well as access and share experiences in real time. By downloading this App you’ll be able to leverage today’s modern technology of mobile apps for the sports enthusiast.


-Receive instant news and update on your mobile device
-Register inside the app
-Get current event information
-Review schedules and follow your favorite teams
-Real Time Sports Ticker
-Turn-by-turn GPS directions to your organization or events from anywhere in the world.
-one Touch Calling from inside your app.
-Contact Information: Give users multiple ways to contact Fieldhouse USA.
-GPS Check-In for special offers or communication
-Banner or Ticker Advertising
-Social Media connections

[email protected] / 877-314-3002

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