NetGive - The Complete Donation Platform

Online Giving

Online Donations Can Increase Revenue by 100%

Easily create professional looking campaigns to raise more money


Create a uniquely, branded donation page

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a one time event


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

peerEach member of your organization can create their own fundraising page and send out to their friends and relatives through social media. We found that by personalizing these donation requests the fundraising campaign will bring in even more money.


fundNow you can create a specific page dedicated to your special needs. New books for a classroom, new uniforms for a sports team, a stained glass window, whatever the need, you can create a page and send it out to all your members.

Ongoing Contribution Requests

ongoingRecurring donations will now be handled online right on your donation page. Best of all, reminders can be emailed out and payments collected automatically. A record of the payment will be logged into the donor manager section of your account .

Team Fundraising

teamExplode your fundraising potential by creating teams to raise funds together. When paired off against other teams the competition really heats up. Give the winning team something special and see how much more money you will raise.

Golf Outing

wishingRegister and collect payments, check in golfers, collect donations, sell sponsor ads, and run a mobile auction all from one page. You’ll hit a hole in one when you see how much more money you can raise using NetGive.

Tuition and Dues Payment

tuitionOnline payments make it easy to collect your tuition and dues. Parents or members can securely log onto your page and make a payment using their credit card. Even if they are out of town when a payment is due, they can still pay on time by just logging in.


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