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TEPA is a 501 (c)(6) organization composed of Aggregators, Brokers, and Consultants (ABCs), Retail Energy Providers (REPs) and Affiliate members. We provide market knowledge to help consumers make the best energy procurement choices and to uphold the integrity of deregulated retail energy markets. Join us to make the energy community a better place for everyone!


We developed this app to give energy professionals relevant market information, as well as access and share experiences in real time. By downloading this App you’ll be able to leverage today’s modern technology of mobile apps for the energy market. Here are just a few tools you can expect to see within the app. 




-Receive instant news and update on your mobile device

-Register for events

-Review TEPA’s event calendar

-Attend Event Sessions with Real-Time Q&A within the Application

-Join TEPA and renew your membership


-Stream videos of past events and meetings

-Turn-by-turn GPS directions to your organization or events from anywhere in the world. 

-One Touch Calling from inside your app. 

-Contact Information: Give users multiple ways to contact your organization. 

-GPS Check-In for special offers or communication 

-Mailing List Feature allows you to stay in contact and e-mail directly inside your app. 

-Banner or Ticker Advertising

-Social Media connections

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